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There are several factors that truly make RAILEAN Rum, "best-in-class".

First, RAILEAN Rum is made with pure, unsulfured, Grade A cane molasses from the Gulf Coast.  Many rum distillers use low grades of molasses because it is more readily available and less expensive, however, quality can suffer because the high sulfur associated with inexpensive molasses can create a bitter unpleasant taste and/or smell if not properly removed.

Second, RAILEAN Rum is produced in small batches in order to precisely separate and discard the heads and tails and capture the “heart of the spirit”. This is extremely time consuming and labor intensive process for the Master Distiller, much too time consuming for a large distillery.

Lastly, RAILEAN Rum is aged at proof in new small charred American Oak barrels, a method most often used in producing single barrel scotches and premium brandies. The majority of mass produced Caribbean rum is aged in used whiskey barrels, that is why some rum has a whiskey flavor to it. Well, we want our rum to taste like rum, so we only purchase new charred American Oak barrels. We are proud to say that we do not utilize used whiskey barrels at our distillery, only rum barrels.

We make four different styles of rum. RAILEAN White Rum is distilled multiple times to produce a pure, smooth spirit. Our dark rums are single distilled for more flavor, aged in petite, new, double-charred, American oak barrels. RAILEAN Reserve XO Rum is a blended rum, while the RAILEAN Small Cask Rum is produced from select single barrels. We also have a Spice Rum that is aged in in oak barrels with spices.

Made in USA Certified® Rum

RAILEAN Rum is exclusively fermented, distilled and bottled by Railean Distillers, LLC. at the Eagle Point Distillery in San Leon, Texas. There are many companies that import rum and bottle it in the USA however, they typically have no ownership in the actual distillery and therefore we consider them pure spirits marketing companies and not true American distillers.

Qualifying for the MADE IN USA CERTIFIED® Seal signifies that a manufactured product has gone through a rigorous supply chain audit and certification process to confirm compliance with U.S. laws and regulations in regards to the ‘Made in USA’ claim.

RAILEAN® received official notice of their successful completion of Made in USA Certified Inc.’s proprietary independent audit process and received license to use the Made in USA Seal of Certification. The seal guarantees that a company bearing these trust marks has gone through a rigorous supply chain audit to verify compliance with U.S. laws and regulations. Consumers know that when they see this seal, the “The Made in USA” claim has been verified, tested and true.

Exclusively Fermented, Distilled, and Bottled by Railean Distillers, LLC. Copyright ©2013 LLC, San Leon, Texas.
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