American Agave Products

There are many spirits distilled from agave including RAILEAN El Perico, Mezcal, and Tequila.

RAILEAN El Perico is the first Handcrafted American Agave Spirit™ Made in USA Certified. El Perico (spanish for the parakeet) was launched in 2011 to rival Mexico's finest Tequilas and is the the first in a new category of American Agave Spirits™ made from 100% Blue Agave. 

Tequlia is an agave spirit imported from Mexico and is either 100% Blue Agave or a Tequila Mixto (Mixed). Mixto Tequila contains a minimum of 51% Blue Agave and the remaining 49% are typically corn or cane sugars. Mixto's are also allowed to add caramel color, oak extract flavoring, glycerin, and sugar based syrup.

RAILEAN El Perico Silver is a clear and typically un-aged smooth spirit, where the true flavors and the intensity of the Agave are present, as well as the natural sweetness. RAILEAN El Perico Silver is distilled multiple times resulting in a pure, smooth spirit.

RAILEAN Reposado is the first stage of "rested and aged" process in making our Railean El Pericao Reposado is currently being aged in our recycled rum barrels to which it will inherit unique flavors from the previous spirit. Use of petite barrels is a method most often used in producing single barrel scotches, premium brandies and of course RAILEAN Rum. This gently filters and polishes the spirit to produce a smooth, dry (not sweet), yet flavorful Agave Spirit. The spirit takes on a golden hue and the taste becomes a good balance between the Agave and wood flavors.

Made in USA Certified® Agave Spirits

RAILEAN El Perico is exclusively fermented, distilled and bottled by Railean Distillers, LLC at the Eagle Point Distillery in San Leon, Texas. There are many companies that import Tequila and bottle it in the USA however, they typically have no ownership in the actual distillery, and  therefore we consider them pure spirits marketing companies and not true American manufacturers of agave spirits.

Qualifying for the MADE IN USA CERTIFIED® Seal signifies that a manufactured product has gone through a rigorous supply chain audit and certification process to confirm compliance with U.S. laws and regulations in regards to the ‘Made in USA’ claim.

RAILEAN® received official notice of their successful completion of Made in USA Certified Inc.’s proprietary independent audit process and received license to use the Made in USA Seal of Certification. The seal guarantees that a company bearing these trust marks has gone through a rigorous supply chain audit to verify compliance with U.S. laws and regulations. Consumers know that when they see this seal, the “The Made in USA” claim has been verified, tested and true.


Exclusively Fermented, Distilled, and Bottled by Railean Distillers, LLC. Copyright ©2013 LLC, San Leon, Texas.
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