Where to Buy

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Federal liquor laws only allow us to sell our products to a licensed distributor. These distributors are responsible for distributing RAILEAN to either local distributors/retailers who in turn sell to restaurants, clubs, bars, hotels etc. This three tiered distribution system makes it hard for us to keep track of all the establishments, so the best thing to do is ASK for RAILEAN Handcrafted American Spirits. In most cases the establishment will be more than happy to bring the product in for you especially when they find out RAILEAN is the only Rum Certified Made in USA which distinguishes it among all other rum on the market.


If they do not carry the RAILEAN please have them contact us and we will work with them to identify the distributor representing RAILEAN.


This is a grassroots movement so if you prefer you can download this form and drop this off at your favorite establishment(s). This will help explain why they should support RAILEAN American Spirits.


Depending on your state liquor laws you can purchase RAILEAN online.


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