A First for Texas

The scores of sealed boxes waiting to be picked up and delivered to the distributor told the story.

Husband and wife Matt and Kelly Railean opened the sliding doors of their warehouse in San Leon only a few months ago. The business is already a great success.

'Spirits' moved them to start their venture - the Raileans make rum.

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Local Distillery Now Serving Up Dark Rum

SAN LEON — With Galveston County home to such a large concentration of boats and boating enthusiasts, it's not surprising that the only distillery in the county produces rum, a liquor historically associated with sailors and the open seas.

"We're sailors, and rum is our passion," Kelly Railean said.

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Railean Distillers Launches First and Only Texas Dark (Aged) Rum

Railean Distillers, LLC (Railean Distillers) announced today that they have officially released Texas' first dark (aged) rum to the Texas market. The latest release of Premium Handmade Rum will be marketed as RAILEAN Reserve XO and offers customers the same smoothness as the RAILEAN White Rum but with much more flavor. The Reserve XO reveals enticing aromas of chocolate, spice and oak. It is remarkably soft and well rounded without a hint of harshness or biting edge.

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Railean Rum

The end of 5th Street in San Leon, TX, is about as far as you can go before you run out of solid land. Beyond it sail shrimp boats and freighters. This is where Matt and Kelly Railean founded their distillery. This is where they make "original" Handmade Texas Rum™.

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New Monk Parakeet-Branded Rum Goes On Market

Railean Distillers -  based in San Leon, Texas, has introduced a new brand of rum whose bottles are conspicuously branded with the image of the Monk Parakeet (AKA "Quaker Parrots," or "dem boids," as they are known in Brooklyn). I haven't tried this rum yet, and don't know if it's distributed in Brooklyn, but I've have heard that it is already the preferred spirit among members of the Quaker Parakeet Society.

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Couple Opens Railean Rum

SAN LEON — The Gulf Coast has seen its share of rum running activities through the years, but one couple is trying something different.

They're doing it legally.

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