Railean Small Cask Reserve Single-Barrel Rum

Barrel Rum

Score: 95

Hazelnut, marzipan, orange chocolate and vanilla bean on the nose – this is rich, desert-worthy rum, so don't even think about cola, in fact, don't even set the bottles next to one another in the fridge! On the palate, a warm and nutty earthiness develops, which carries the pot still sweetness directly to the finish. Creamy caramel and bourbon notes take a few minutes to develop, but once they do, you begin to get the whole picture of this rum. It's complex, delicious, and beautifully rendered from beginning to end. Here is unspoiled island pleasure straight from the mainlaind.



Exclusively Fermented, Distilled, and Bottled by Railean Distillers, LLC. Copyright ©2013 LLC, San Leon, Texas.
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