Railean Distillers Launches First and Only Texas Dark (Aged) Rum

Railean Distillers, LLC (Railean Distillers) announced today that they have officially released Texas' first dark (aged) rum to the Texas market. The latest release of Premium Handmade Rum will be marketed as RAILEAN Reserve XO and offers customers the same smoothness as the RAILEAN White Rum but with much more flavor. The Reserve XO reveals enticing aromas of chocolate, spice and oak. It is remarkably soft and well rounded without a hint of harshness or biting edge.

Within moments it opens up, revealing a generous array of chocolate, caramel and toasted walnuts. The finish is smooth, warm and very relaxing. RAILEAN XO should be available at most retail liquor stores by the first week of July, 2008.

What makes RAILEAN Rum unique is not just the fact that it is 100% Handmade in Texas or that it is one of only a handful of 100% domestically produced rum on the shelves. There are three factors that truly make RAILEAN Rum special.

First, RAILEAN Reserve XO is made with pure, unsulfured, Grade A cane molasses from Louisiana and Florida. Most rum distillers use low grades of molasses because it is more readily available and less expensive, however, quality can suffer because the high sulfur associated with inexpensive molasses can create a bitter unpleasant taste and/or smell if not properly removed.

Second, RAILEAN Reserve XO is produced in small batches in order precisely separate and discard the heads and tails and capture the "heart of the spirit". This is extremely time consuming and labor intensive process for the Master Distiller, much too time consuming for a large distillery.

Lastly, RAILEAN Reserve XO is aged at proof in new small charred American Oak barrels, a method most often used in producing single barrel scotches and premium brandies. All three factors make the process of making the Reserve XO rum very expensive, however the resulting spirit is far superior to the rum produced by the industry giants.

"This is the first of many aged rums that we will produce here at our Micro-Distillery, said Matt Railean, Master Distiller Railean Distillers, LLC. We are very different from the mass produced rums coming out of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The majority of Caribbean rums are aged in used whiskey barrels, that is why some rum has a whiskey flavor to it. Well, we want our rum to taste like rum, so we only purchase new charred American Oak barrels. There are no used whiskey barrels at our distillery, only rum barrels. Our goal is to produce small batches of handcrafted domestic rum spirit of superior quality. I think we have accomplished that goal with the Reserve XO."

About Railean Distillers, LLC

Railean (ray-lēn) Distillers was co-founded by Matthew Railean and Kelly Railean. The Railean Distillery is 100% family owned and operated. Matt, a Chemical Engineer by degree, has spent the last 15 years studying the art of producing fine spirits to become the first "Master Distiller" in the State of Texas. Kelly, is a First Level Sommelier with more than 11 years of wine & spirits experience. Railean Distillers operates a state of the art rum distillery in San Leon, Texas. They market their rum under the brand name, RAILEAN™, through Metro Sales and Marketing. Railean Rum™ is exclusively distributed by Global Quality Distributors throughout the state of Texas. www.railean.com

Kelly Railean in Good Spirits with Texas Rum Distillery

League City, Texas – Many people would die for a job selling wine and champagne to the most prestigious restaurants, hotels and clubs in Houston. So why did Kelly Railean quit her exciting, secure and lets face it pretty cool job of 10 years? I will tell you why, because the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission's (TABC) "tied house" laws did not allow her to keep her job as a wine distributor and obtain a license to manufacture alcohol.

In 2006, Kelly Railean co-founded Railean Distillers, LLC (Railean Distillers). Her goal was not to open a boutique winery or even a micro-brewery, there are plenty of those around, but to start up the first Texas rum distillery. With a solid business plan in hand, she was able to get just enough funding for the construction and startup of the first state-of-the-art rum distillery in the state of Texas. Today the Railean family owned and operated distillery is located along the shores of Galveston Bay in San Leon, Texas (approximately 30 miles southeast of Houston). They produce both white and dark rum spirits of superior quality.

They begin by fermenting pure Grade-A, unsulfured, cane molasses with yeast manufactured specifically for small batch rum production. The Master Distiller then utilizes an imported Bavarian Holstein copper pot still to perform multiple distillations in order to craft an ultra-pure cane spirit. RAILEAN Rum is distributed throughout the state of Texas and is available in most retail liquor stores. The focus now is building the RAILEAN brand on-premise (restaurants, bars, etc.). This is where Kelly can really leverage her 10 years experience as an on-premise wine sales representative.

Mrs. Railean knew from the beginning that starting up a distillery would not be easy. She knew that the spirits industry was a well-developed market with established market leaders often dominated by a single brand (i.e. Bacardi). She was also aware that brand recognition and low cost manufacturing created barriers to entry into the rum market. Even so, Kelly could see how the rum market was evolving much like the boutique wineries and micro-brews. The rum market was starting to show signs of new categories, brands, and line extensions that would surely invigorate the rum business by cultivating a small, growing and increasingly sophisticated consumer segment for new, specialty and often more expensive rum.

Two years after Kelly co-founded Railean Distillers, the Rum is flying off the shelves. Customers as well as restaurant and bar manager are embracing RAILEAN Rum.

"Railean rum consistently beats the competition in blind tastings and is perfect for the rum drinker willing to pay a little bit more for a premium local handcrafted spirit said Kelly Railean, President of Railean Distillers, LLC. Our biggest hurdle is getting over the perception that Texas rum cannot be this smooth and that it cannot be this good, if it's not from the islands."

"It is definitely a challenge keeping up with the regulations, operations, sales, marketing, promotions, finances, distribution, etc...Despite the hard road ahead and the hard work to finally get the company to this point, I have no regrets. In fact, I am happier than ever.


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