New Monk Parakeet-Branded Rum Goes On Market

Railean Distillers -  based in San Leon, Texas, has introduced a new brand of rum whose bottles are conspicuously branded with the image of the Monk Parakeet (AKA "Quaker Parrots," or "dem boids," as they are known in Brooklyn). I haven't tried this rum yet, and don't know if it's distributed in Brooklyn, but I've have heard that it is already the preferred spirit among members of the Quaker Parakeet Society.

Railean chose the Monk Parakeet as its marketing icon because San Leon, Texas, is host to a small tribe of monks, who fit right in with the "modern day pirates, fishermen, and local taverns where rum is the drink of choice." It proves that many U.S. citizens regard the presence of wild parrots in their communities as sources of pride, not as the "invasive nuisance" that many utility companies, and even the Audubon Society, cite in their literature.

If you have a bottle of Railean on hand, do yourself a favor and mix yourself a "Monk Parakeet," a potent drink involving 1 shot of Railean Rum, 1/2 shot Melon Liqueur, pineapple/orange juice, 7-up or sprite. Don't drink any "Monk Parakeets," prior to meeting with your local energy company if you're trying to extract an honest answer about why they're being so mean to these wild parrots. But there's probably no better drink to curl up with to celebrate those rare moments when they do behave humanely.

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