‘Goofing off’ turns into distillery business

SAN LEON — Any successful business started off as just a good idea. For Kelly Railean, business success was born because of a bad drink.

"We were goofing off at the Buccaneer Bar in San Leon and having drinks when I had some rum and said I could make better rum than that," Railean said.

She did just that, opening Railean Distillery in San Leon in 2007. Railean didn't come about to making rum as a total novice; she spent a decade as a sales representative in the wine industry.

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RAILEAN® American Handcrafted Rum and Agave Sprits Undergoes a New Brand

RAILEAN®, the only U.S. certified handcrafted rum and agave distiller, unveils a bold new image, a redesigned website, and innovative spirits in 2012.

Motivated by its widespread success in Texas, where the margarita is practically the state drink, the American rum and agave distiller Railean has rejuvenated its website and enhanced its product line for 2012. The enhancements are part of an overall branding effort led by Houston-based Woodlands Ad Agency, which designs custom websites, builds brands, and leads many online marketing campaigns.

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RAILEAN® Handcrafted American Rum™ 1st to Become Made in USA Certified®

American consumers now have an American choice.

LEAGUE CITY, TEXAS- Railean Distillers, LLC (RAILEAN) announced today that their portfolio of RAILEAN® rum spirits is the first rum to be MADE IN USA CERTIFIED® in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission requirements under federal law.

Qualifying for the MADE IN USA CERTIFIED® Seal signifies that a manufactured product has gone through a rigorous supply chain audit and certification process to confirm compliance with U.S. laws and regulations in regards to the 'Made in USA' claim.

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Railean Texas White Rum

Tasting notes for Railean Texas White Rum:

Nose: Warm sweet round nose, a bit of banana peel

Taste: Smooth, light, clean, a touch of wood, coconut

Finish: Medium legnth, smooth

A good rum for those who like neutral spirit cocktails and are looking to explore rums.

Railean Small Cask Reserve Rum

Tasting Notes for Railean Small Cask Reserve Rum:

Nose: Same recognizable funky banana style nose of their white rum though it is pleasantly smoothed in the aging, along with coconut, and a touch of oak.

Taste: Tobacco, Caramel, medium smoke, slightly vegetal but tamed

Finish: Really exceptional finish. Complex like a good scotch.

A delicious rum and strong small-batch offering.



Railean Gulf Coast Rum Reserve XO

Score: 91

The nose shows off a mix of fresh apples and sugar-in-the-raw aroma, somewhat similar to an irish whiskey. Some grape emerges, but then sinks under the weight of tropical fruit, a very balanced and pleasant nose. Clean and beautiful. On the palate the fruit notes are tamed by surges of buttery brown sugar. Cinnamon and nutmeg notes lurk beneath the surface with a bite of oak right at the end. All together, this is first rate stuff.

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