1. How did you get in the craft distilling business?

I spent over 15 years in the wine and spirits industry and in the late 1990's, I took up sailing as a hobby. Sailors of course love their rum, so I started to collect and learn everything I could about rum.

Like most Americans I didn't realize that rum was the "Original" American spirit with over 60 rum distilleries in operation in the 1700's. To see this American tradition taxed and regulated out of existence was a sad day for all Americans. Then in 2005, I came up with the vision of re-establishing the American rum industry in the USA and next thing you know I am following my passion of making American Handcrafted Rum.

2. Where can I find RAILEAN?

It is hard for us to keep track of all the establishments, so the best thing to do is ASK for RAILEAN American Rum. In most cases the establishment will be more than happy to bring the product in for you especially when they find out RAILEAN is the only Rum Certified Made in USA which distinguishes it among all other rum on the market.

3. Why does RAILEAN cost more than imported rum?

RAILEAN is certified "MADE in USA" in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission requirements under federal law. Qualifying for the MADE in USA CERTIFIED® / USA-C™ Seal signifies that a manufactured product has gone through a rigorous auditing and certification process to confirm that the product was manufactured in the United States of America, using U.S. labor, and that each component of the product was manufactured in the U.S.

Unlike imports, we adhere to strict US labor laws, OSHA safety standards, and the EPA environmental regulations and we guarantee the quality for raw materials, packaging and final product.

4. How can I help promote RAILEAN?

Request RAILEAN when you are at local bars, restaurants and liquor stores; and ask them to support the US economy by supporting RAILEAN Handcrafted American Rum.

5. Why do you make Rum?

Rum is a passion of mine, sugarcane grows in the area, and rum was the original drink of the American Colonies. But most of all, I just love rum.

6. Why do you make Agave?

The margarita is the number one drink here in the great State of Texas, and there was no one else making American spirits distilled from 100% Blue Agave.

7. Why can't you call it Tequila?

I am making it here it Texas, to be Tequila the product must be made in specific regions in Mexico.

8. What is the difference between your Agave Spirit and Tequila?

Not much, I use 100% Blue Agave Nectar from Jalisco, Mexico. The main difference is that my product is handcrafted here in the United States.

9. Can I purchase your products at your distillery?

Due to state liquor laws, I cannot sell my spirits at the distillery.

10. Can I purchase your products on-line?

Some retailers may be able to sell spirits on-line, but I cannot due to state liquor laws. I do sell RAILEAN merchandise (shirts, caps, glassware, etc.) on-line.

11. Why is there no other Rum Certified Made in USA?

Imports cannot be Certified Made in USA and most rum is imported from Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands because they receive tax subsidies and do not have to adhere to the strict US labor and environmental regulations.

12. Why is there no other Agave Spirit Certified Made in USA?

Imports cannot be Certified Made in USA and most Agave spirits are actually imported from Mexico and called Tequila.

13. Is RAILEAN Gluten Free?

Yes, my products are made from sugarcane molasses and blue agave nectar. I do not use any wheat or wheat products.

14. Do you provide tours of your facility?

Yes, we do tours by appointment; check out our tours page for details.

15. Do you make flavored rum?

I make a spiced rum, I do not make any flavored rums at this time.

16. Do you ship RAILEAN to other countries?

Not at this time, but someday we will!

17. Can I make my own rum at home?

No, it is not legal to operate still for the consumption of alcohol without Federal & State permits here in the United States.

18. Why is there a green parrot on your bottle?

There are large populations of green parrots called monk parakeets all around the distillery and this is our official mascot.

19. Is RAILEAN your real name?

My full name is Kelly Railean, but most people just call me "RAILEAN".

20. Are you a publically traded company?

No, we are privately held and have no investors at this time.

21. Where is the distillery located?

341 5th Street in San Leon, Texas.

22. What makes RAILEAN a handcrafted spirit?

I operate the still, blend the product and taste every batch before I bottle the finished rum or blue agave. Everything is done in small batches unlike mass produced spirits that rely on machines and computers to make their products.

23. Do you add flavors or colors to your products?

No colors or flavors are added to any of our products, we use only natural ingredients.

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